Most tenants have experienced problems at some time from black mould growing in the tile grouting which is relatively easy to remove. However, it is very difficult to remove black mould if it has formed in the silicone seal around the top of the bath or shower cubicle.

No end of scrubbing will remove this as it always appears to be growing in the actual silicone and the only way to remove it is to dig out the silicone and re-seal the area. This process is very time consuming and if anyone has done this will testify it can be very difficult to remove the old sealant.




Items Required:

1 small clean paintbrush

1 small container

1 bottle of Domestos Extra Thick Bleach

Rubber Gloves

Eye protection



Pour a small amount of Domestos Extra Thick Bleach into a container and liberally brush the mould affected mould areas. Leave for 24 hours or as long as possible and retreat at regular intervals and inspect.

If the black mould is stubborn and not completely removed repeat the process until the area is totally clean.

Once finished wash down and clean the bath or shower tray to remove excess bleach.

In extreme cases if the black mould remains the affected silicone will require cutting out and re-sealing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only Domestos Extra Thick Bleach is strong enough to tackle this problem. Do not use cheaper or thinner bleaches as the results will not be as good.

Always test an area for any possible damage before carrying out the process and use in a well ventilated room and observe the precautions on the bottle. Use eye protection and keep off your skin. Also keep pets and children away from the area.

Finally, observe the safety precautions as printed on the label.