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As a long established independent Letting Agency, SAMS has been managing blocks of flats in Plymouth for many years providing expert advice and support to Directors of Block Management Companies.

If you own a flat in a development and it is being self-managed, the chances are it is a big problem for a few interested volunteer owners who are trying to collect the services charges, arrange insurance and deal with bills and day to day management even though they are not being paid and they really don’t have the time to do it.

So often we take over the management of blocks of flats as Managing Agents and find the accounts are in a mess with fees being missed or unpaid and general total confusion. If this is allowed to continue, it can result in late Companies House filing fees and fines and a deterioration in the upkeep of the building.

Do you really need this stress!

At SAMS ACCOMMODATION we manage several blocks in Plymouth and we really enjoy getting to grips with poorly managed developments and turning them around into appropriately funded developments with up to date transparent accounts with good lines of communication and responsibilities.

The services we carry out can vary and be tailored to suit your individual needs and the list below is not exhaustive but is typical of what we can provide:-

Issuing demands to all owners for the payment of Service Charges and Ground Rents and ensuring prompt and full payment. Recording and updating payment records.

Registration of the Limited Company address, dealing with Companies House correspondence and Annual Companies House Return.

Online Company banking including the safe keeping of bank statements.

Arranging Buildings and Directors and Officers Insurance annually and issuing of new Schedules.

Management of the communal interior areas including the regular testing of any fire alarms.

Recording and updating the records of all flat owners including email and phone contact details.

The payment of the communal related invoices to include window cleaners, gardeners, cleaners and any communal Utility bills.

Advising the Directors of any repairs and maintenance or improvement works required and their priority and arranging by seeking estimates from Contractors.

The management of the normal day to day administration of the block including answering and dealing with noise complaints, parking issues and general problems.

Dealing with Solicitors queries on any flat sales to include the completion of legal questionnaires and the forwarding of supporting paperwork.

Arranging, hosting and attending Directors meetings as and when requested and also for Annual General Meetings and providing relevant information to the Directors and for the taking and recording of Minutes.

Providing year end Company account income and expenditure details, delivering them electronically to the Company Accountant and then distributing copies of the final signed accounts to all flat owners.

Arranging of Fire Risk Assessments and Asbestos Surveys if not already completed.

The most important thing is we can tailor our service to exactly what you require so we would be delighted to hear from you.

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