The Government still looks likely to implement changes to the rules affecting properties with a low rating of F and G which would come into effect on 1st April 2018.

It is still not 100% certain, but if you have a property with this rating it is important that you are aware that if this is introduced, new tenancies will not be able to be granted, nor renewals of tenancies allowed from this date.

Listed buildings should be exempt and also properties with solid walls are being looked into as research has shown that the current measures do not fully allow for the correct calibration of this type of construction and it underestimates the thermal efficiency so this should reflect a more accurate reading.

The Government is yet to bring forward the relevant regulations to implement these changes but it is likely this will soon happen.

We will keep news items posted as and when this is finalised, but meantime you should be proactively thinking about what you would need to do if your property is lowly rated, but before making any changes it is strongly recommended to await further developments.