This is our latest posting in a series of helpful Preventative Maintenance Tips to help extend the life of PVCu Windows:

PVCu FRAMES: Simply use warm soapy water to wash down the frames and dry, then use a purpose PVCu polish and cleaner to remove any stains or marks and buff to a finish. There is also a solvent based cleaner on the market which can be used for stubborn marks.

p1030039WEEP DRAIN COVERS: These are normally situated at the bottom of the window frame and their purpose is to allow water to drain away from the window. If these are not kept clear water could penetrate the inside of the window and damage the double glazed glass unit or leak.

p1030040 These can become clogged with moss and algae which can be cleaned using the following method:

Remove cover and simply use a piece of thin wire or a small flat screwdriver and unblock these covers from below. Don’t worry if you break these covers as in most cases they become very brittle with the sun and can be purchased for a few pennies and fixed back on with a spot of superglue.

p1030037WINDOW RUBBER GASKETS: If these have shrunk and are showing a gap in the corners simply pull them at the ends with a pair of long-nosed pliers and stretch them back into position. Over-stretch the rubber slightly and use superglue in the corners where the rubbers touch and hold until set

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