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When PVCu Double Glazed Windows first came on the market they were widely advertised as the answer to every homeowners prayers with regard to being maintenance free. This is in fact true to a certain extent as the frames are now uv stable and do not require any painting. Anyone who is old enough to remember the days when preparing and painting window frames and sashes was a long drawn-out tedious affair, especially if you had to burn off any peeling and blown old paint to get back to the original wood before you could even get a decent surface to start painting.

All this preparation and hard work to only last in most cases a couple of years before the frames would need re-painting all over again.

The fact is that PVCu windows although save a lot of maintenance in terms of painting do require a certain amount of other maintenance to keep them performing correctly and therefore avoiding any future expensive repairs and a little time and money spent on this preventative maintenance is well worth carrying out periodically.

Experience has shown that the bedroom, bathroom and toilet windows are the ones that are most likely to show signs of failing due to corrosion of the running gear. This can be because they are left open more often than not leaving the salt air in our area to attack the metal parts of the window.

Double Glazed Glass Units: Normally the double glazed glass units should last in the region of up to 10 years providing it has not been damaged in any way, these units can normally be replaced without any problem if required.

Window Rubber Gaskets: Sometimes these will shrink back and can leave a gap in the corners, although this sometimes does not cause many problems it is worthwhile paying attention to this.

Window Handles are fairly easy to replace and the life expectancy on these depends on the amount of usage and maintenance.

Window locking mechanisms also again rely on a certain amount of maintenance to keep them operating correctly. It is now becoming increasingly difficult to match up some of the earlier mechanisms should they require replacing.

Kens blog intorWindow Friction Stays: In a nutshell these are the hinges of the window, depending where the window casement is hinged will depend on the positioning of the friction stays.  These normally fail because of lack of maintenance. There are two types of opening windows, tilt and turn and side hung and top hung casements. We will cover these in future Landlords Money-Saving Tips.

It is worthwhile remembering that in many properties the windows may have been fitted altogether at the same time and it is not uncommon after a period of time for all the windows to show the same problems throughout the house, with this in mind it is more important to consider preventative maintenance which can considerably extend the life of the windows and help prevent having to pay a much larger figure to  replace them because parts are obsolete and the only answer is to rip them out and replace.