This is our latest posting in a series of helpful Preventative Maintenance Tips to help extend the life of PVCu Windows:

p1020935WINDOW HANDLES: These are left or right-handed depending on the opening. If they are stiff to operate, a simple spray with something like WD40 should ease them. Once eased the WD40 should be wiped away and a light oil or 3 in 1 applied to the moving parts. If the handle appears loose, remove any decorative cover and tighten the two retaining screws. If the handle is still loose after doing this then it will probably require a replacement being  purchased.


A Word of Warning about WD40 Use: This product is a de-greasing agent and although excellent in easing and penetrating moving parts it eventually evaporates and takes most of the lubrication with it therefore leaving the metal prone to further corrosion if not protected. It is a good practice to follow up after using WD40 with a 3-in-1 type light oil applied or lightly wiped over any exposed parts. There is now also on the market other WD40 type products containing a PTFE type component which leaves a lubricated coating after use.


WINDOW HANDLE REPLACEMENT: First of all confirm if you have a left-handed or right-handed handle, (the easiest way is to remove the handle and take it to a window parts supplier to match up). Remove the decorative cover strip from the handle to expose a screw. There are two screws and the other is normally exposed when the handle is in the upright position, Remove both screws and keep safe and pull the handle away from the window. This might be a bit stiff and you will probably have to hold the casement in the open position. Most replacement window handles come with a single length operating spindle bar and you will need to cut this piece to match your original handle. Measure the length of the original operating spindle and simply cut the new handle with a hacksaw the same length. It is worthwhile taking the time to round the end of the new spindle slightly on the four sides with a file to help with the refitting. NOTE: Ensure you only round the very cut end of the spindle not the operating sides of the bar. Replace the handle with the two original screws and tighten.

If the window handle fails to operate correctly there may be a further problem with the operating mechanism and professional advice should be taken from a window company.

Window Locking Mechanisms: Clean away all dirt and debris with a small brush and check the tightness of the locking keeps and tighten if required. Smear a light oil over the keeps and pay attention to the sliding operating mechanism fitted to the bottom or side of the casement. Operate the window handle and spray, ease and lubricate leaving a small coating of oil to help protect from corrosion.

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