Landlord Charges

Before deciding on a Letting Agent, it is really important to read and understand the small print. In our commission fee we include most things that other Agents charge extra for and these are shown on our list.

Management Commission Fee From 9% to 15% incl. VAT
Tenant Find Service £299 incl. VAT
Providing an EPC £66 incl. VAT
Provision of detailed floor plans £48 incl. VAT.
Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarm testing on the day a tenancy starts  £22 incl. VAT
Right to Rent Checks Included – no additional charge
Link to Legionnaires Risk Assessment Included – no additional charge
Link to Fire Risk Assessment Included – no additional charge
Providing property Inventory with photographs Included – no additional charge
Set up fees Not charged
Tenancy Deposit Registration Fee Not charged
Preparation of Tenancy Agreement Included – no additional charge
Advising Local Authority Council Tax Included – no extra charge
Advising South West Water Included – no extra charge
Routine property visits Included – no extra charge
Tenancy Renewals No fees charged to the landlord or tenant
Hand delivering Section 21 Notices £36 incl. VAT
Meeting Bailiffs at property for eviction £60 incl. VAT
Liaising with Solicitors for possession procedures 10% of Solicitors charges
Preparing, drawing up and hand delivering Rent Increase Notices £36 incl. VAT
Preparation of HMRC Non-Resident Landlord Scheme Annual return £60 incl. VAT
Liaising with Solicitors and providing information and documents for property sales £120 incl. VAT
For the arranging and handling of maintenance works. Minimum fee £12 incl. VAT per job or 12% incl. VAT of the net total job cost, whichever is greater. (£12 fee also includes where Landlords use their own Contractor)
Providing two estimates or quotation of works Included
Providing additional estimates or quotations of works £25 incl. VAT
Assisting with Insurance claims 12% incl. VAT of claim value
Duplicate Rental Statements sent by email   Included – no extra charge
Debit card payment transaction Included – no extra charge
Credit card payment transaction Sorry, we are unable to accept credit card payments
Regular property visits Included – no additional charge
Pre-end of tenancy visit to meet with the tenant Included – no additional charge
Property check back at the end of the tenancy Included – no additional charge
Dealing with Deposit returns Included – no additional charge
Handling of deposit disputes – when deduction agreed by SAMS Included – no additional charge
Handling of deposit disputes where the Landlord insists but SAMS disagrees with the deduction request due to it being unfair or trivial and unlikely to result in a successful DPS result. £60 incl. VAT.
Cancellation of Management Contract £360 incl. VAT if before a tenant is found or a sum equal to one month’s rent if a tenant has already been found.

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