Proposed electrical safety standards

New electrical standards

New proposed electrictal safety standard (Housing and Planning Act 2016). The new Act would entitle the Secretary of State to make regulations requiring a private Landlord of a residential property to pay a penalty for failing to comply with electrical safety standards during any period when the premises are occupied under a tenancy.

This relates to:-

⦁ the installations in the premises for the supply of electricity or
⦁ electrical fixtures, fittings or appliances provided by the Landlord.

This includes a requirement to ensure that a qualified person has checked that the electrical safety standards are met. The regulations will also specify how and when the checks are carried out and who is deemed to be qualified to carry them out.

The requirement is likely to be that the Landlord will be required to obtain a Certificate from the qualified person confirming that the electrical safety standards are met, and a copy of the certificate to be given to the tenant or prospective tenant, or any other person specified in the Regulations.

There is likely to be a financial penalty, or more than one if continually failing to comply, and to give Local Authorities the power to enter the premises with the tenant’s permission to remedy any failures by the Landlord in order to comply with the duty imposed by the regulations.