Right to rent checks in Plymouth

From 1st February 2016, all private landlords have been required to check that tenants have the right to be in the UK before renting out a property.

This entails meeting prospective tenants face to face and depending on their nationality, obtaining, checking, copying and retaining the relevant documents before any tenancy procedures are started.

SAMS ACCOMMODATION are proud to announce they were the first Agent in the South West to find unlawful applicants whilst carrying out Right to Rent checks. After liaising with the Home Office regarding the applicants’ immigration status and following their decision, all supporting documents and details were forwarded.

Right to Rent checks is something SAMS carry out at no extra cost to Landlords and we were very pleased that our efforts highlighted a potential problem. We gave ourselves a big pat on the back which was a much better feeling for sure than a £3000 per person fine!

As usual, experience or the well-known “gut feeling” or instinct told us something didn’t feel right with the applicants and their story kept changing when asked about passports and their nationality they could not produce the required documents and the further online check with the Home Office confirmed our thoughts.

Normally Right to Rent checks are relatively easy to deal with but as always there are exceptions and you have to be careful to make sure the applicant’s details are thoroughly checked. It’s a bit like Border Force SAMS here at times!

You can rely on SAMS to make sure this is done properly and thoroughly to ensure that Landlords are fully compliant with the law.