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Problems with door locks can in most cases be avoided by some simple maintenance. Keys sometimes break because the lock is stiff or hard to turn or the key is hard to insert or remove.








Try this simple remedy to avoid any problems:


  1. Check the door for correct operation and closing, ease or adjust if required.
  2. Adjust the lock keep if required for ease of operation.
  3. Spray a lubricant into the key barrel and slide the key in and out several times to operate.
  4. A word of warning: If you use ordinary WD-40 which is a degreasing agent a separate graphite lubricant must be used after the WD-40 has evaporated.
  5. Lubricate the lock with a graphite-based product such as:


ABUS Lock Spray

Kasp Graphite Lock Powder

WD-40 Lock Cylinder Spray


When cutting additional keys always try and use the original key as the master, problems can occur when cutting a new key from a cut key.