REMEMBER TO CHECK YOUR GUTTERS AND DOWNPIPES ARE CLEAR. With the recent storms and high winds gutters and downpipes can easily become blocked. It might seem a tedious job but it is well worth taking a couple of minutes to look at the rainwater gutters and downpipes for signs of blockages or leaks from blocked or badly-fitting joints. This job could help prevent any future unseen water penetration into the property as gutters can overfill allowing wind-drifted water to penetrate into the property through the roof eaves or even getting behind the outside rendering or cladding. Sometimes damp patches around the top of the inside walls close to the ceiling on the top floor can often be contributed to guttering problems which if left unchecked can be expensive and time consuming to rectify. The basic rule of thinking is: A small amount of time carrying out preventative maintenance is far easier than having to deal with the consequences of neglect. There is nothing worse than a tenant reporting a damp problem and a landlord having to deal with all the upheaval of rectifying the damage when the internal decoration becomes damaged. If you cannot use ladders or not capable of cleaning the gutterings there are now specialist cleaning companies that can clear gutters from the floor level at a reasonable cost. For more useful tips and information: Click on News.